Single phase undervoltage portable inverter machines for welding
with stick electrode
and TIG method

FÉNIX 160, FÉNIX 200
and FÉNIX 200 PFC

THREE-PHASE digital inverter machine

KIT 2200 NEW series MIG/MAG compact welding machines in a new design and with improved parameters

COMPANY KÜHTREIBER LTD. was founded in 1998 as a family company which has been dealing with development, production and selling of welding machines including attachments for welding since the very beginning.

TRADITION - company Kuhtreiber ltd. With its team of experienced specialists with many years of practical experience in their branch continues long tradition of many years in the production of welding machines in Trebic, having started already in 1985.

BUSINESS CODE - our aim is a satisfied customer - final consumer, or any business or service partner of ours in the Czech Republic or anywhere in the world. We try to reach the highest quality and reliability of machines produced by us, fast and high-quality delivery of the machines, service, selling support and counselling.

DISTRIBUTION - from the very beginning sales department of Company Kühtreiber ltd. has been building a wide business and distributing network in the Czech Republic. Gradually, the business and distribution network is expanding due to partners abroad.

SERVICE - a wide service network in the Czech Republic enables fast and high-quality quarantee and after-quarantee service. Service is secured within the Czech Republic up to 48 hours either through our contract partners or our own service background.

TRAINING - is run by training of our business and service partners every year and by providing wide sales and service documentation. Trained business or service partner, or a distributor in the Czech Republic or anywhere in the world provides more quality and specialised sales and after-sales service.

PRODUCTION - careful choice of suppliers and continual training of staff in production, frequent checking of the standards and quality of products enable high standards and reliability of KIT and KITin products. Company Kuhtreiber ltd. cooperates with reputable producers and suppliers of components and spare parts for welding machines.

INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT - development and construction department of Company Kuhtreiber ltd. Makes great efforts to satisfy and comply with requirements of particular customers and whole market within the Czech Republic and foreign countries. Great emphasis during development and construction of new machines is put on reliability, welding qualities, highest possible equipment and easy control.

SELECTION staff of development department of Company Kuhtreiber ltd.have developed and the company produces at present more than 25 types and variants of welding machines KIT by methods MIG/MAG and more than 15 types of inverter machines KITin for welding by MMA and TIG methods.
• MMA inverters
• TIG/WIG/MMA DC invertors with HF touchless) start, pulse and function CYCLE
• MIG/MAG welding machines - halfautomatic machines with analogous, half-automatic and synergic control
• Wire feeders
• Water cooling of welding torch

Further on, Company Kühtreiber ltd. offers welding self-darkening masks, welding torches, spare parts of welding torches and welding machines.
Out of the total number of produced machines there are more than 45% designed for export into more than fifteen countries of Europe and all over the world.